Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 14 - drip . . . drip . . . drip

If you gross out easily ~ avert your eyes.

The lovely warm Autumn winds blew a lot of leaf mold into my already dripping sinuses it seems. Or something.
A constant slide of goo is in the back of my throat. It smells and tastes foul, and keeping food, drink or gum in my mouth is the only way to help it. A run of the mill sinus infection has flared up and I'm on Azithromycin, a wonderdrug that has worked for my sinus ick before. My immune system is still in good shape so there should be no problems there. I worried about lying flat for my treatment today, but I asked the techs to give me a minute to clear things out first (Ewwwwww!) and that worked just fine.

At least the rest of me is still feeling great, a bit tired now and then. Last Monday they decreased my steroid, Decadron. By Thursday I began seeing the return of right sided weakness and upped my dose again as they said I could. The change in the medication sat my energy level on it's heels for Thanksgiving at my sister's though. I didn't need the tryptophan to feel like a nap. Still. There was a lot to be thankful for this year, eh? Amen.

Now that the Decadron has kicked back in ~ I'm back again. The see-saw thing is weird, but I noticed some new things.


  • Wear my bifocals, for some reason the progressive lenses make sense in my brain now
  • Click my fingers rapidly back and forth in even rhythm, couldn't get a good right click at all before
  • Take the lid off a cup of coffee without the fear of the dreaded "McDonalds burn"
  • Reach behind me into the center console of the car without scraping the heck out of my arm groping for things and actually come out with the thing I went in for ~ first try
  • Easily reach for and buckle my seat-belt on the passenger side (although I still let Bobby, it's kind of a thing with us)
  • Put the recliner up and down without trapping my arm in the couch or the end table

Hair continues to run away like a bat out of hell. I get a mug full every time I take a shower and am seriously looking like a monk with lots of thinning on the rest.
Shaving my scalp is not recommended, but I'll probably get a buzz cut soon, this long stuff all over creation is veeeeery messy. I got a call today that the set of cute bangs that I ordered came in already. I'll be able to tuck them right up into the front of a hat and be at the height of high fashion hair design. They even make a ring 'o hair like a hula skirt to wear with Velcro and a hat. Supposedly it's not as hot for the summer and can be attached directly to multiple hats. Cute! My health insurance will cover a wig. I'll have to find out the details but hey, it could be fun.

We can all use a little fun.


John said...

All caught up. And subscribed too. :)
I'm just now making the connection between Jody's knitting friend Bonnie and Tinkknitz who keeps saying nice things on my blog. :duh: Sometimes the net can be confusing like that...

Large Marge said...

What color are you getting the wig? Frick and Frack think it should be purple or electric blue!