Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Bawdy Balladeers

Once upon a time I was part of a successful A Capella group called The Bawdy Balladeers. We had two recordings. I cried when I saw this on ebay. The link will only be good for two more days so I'll summarize. My best work is currently worth $4.25.

Divided by three musicians.


Sorry I've not written.

My sinuses are better. I really do just have a normal post nasal drip now. Yaaaay! Now Bobby is fighting the same thing it appears. I must say he whines a lot less than I do, and he did go to the doctor after seeing what I went through. Giving it back to me would not have been optimal either.

Physical Therapy is coming along very well. It seems each day is showing improvement now. My therapist is giving me new and more challenging things to do. Monday I walked 5 minutes on a treadmill which just freaked me out. Wednesday it was 6 minutes. Friday? 7.5. Okay I was pushing it but I felt like Rocky Balboa going up the steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. One day I'll get there. Yesterday I was kicking a ball and changing feet like Pele'. Okay, not quite that good, but I had my back to a corner so I felt safe and by gum, I was kicking that ball. I also played goalie. I was reaching to catch the ball as she threw it at different sides or speeds, and sometimes bounced it. It was tough at first because of the combination of eye-hand
coordination and my problems with balance. After a bit though, I was changing the speed and angles back to her. We actually had fun. And I'm getting better.

Go figure.

In other news, I had a great checkup with my Oncologist. Here's the highlights:
  • He loved my MRI, I have a copy of the CD. Wonder what it would bring on ebay?
  • I stop the weekly bloodwork and go to monthly (yeah!)
  • I can stop Protonix which was protecting my stomach while I was on the steroids.
  • I can get the hair on my chinny chin chin waxed. Finally! I've always had some facial hair on my neck. Because of the chance of infection, I wasn't to pluck or wax them for the duration. These weeds have been growing for nine months although I did cheat when a few got hideously long. I still have a bump where one of those was that scared me into stopping. Well . . . my counts are better and I can space my labwork so I asked. He looked me right in the eyes and said "Yes". He probably thought I was a lunatic. The nurses probably field those questions but I had it in my book so I wouldn't forget to ask.
  • No more Radiation or Chemo. So I asked him. Did the treatment kill the rest of the tumor?
Not necessarily.

See, without another surgery to biopsy tissue, my doctors cannot determine what's in there. You don't have a craniotomy just for kicks to find out you don't have cancer anymore.
Even if it were standard protocol, I'm not willing to pop the top again to find that out. They certainly aren't going to make guesses or give me some numbers out of the blue. And there's no blood test for brain cancer. But remember, given the genetic markers my tumor had I am expected to do extremely well.

So I guess y'all are going to have to put up with me for . . . a while longer :-)