Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day 21 - Bye Bye Hair

Good thing I'm liking the hat look.

This morning when I got up my scalp was a little tender around my incision area and I had Bobby take a look. "A little pink" he said but not inflamed. I just wanna keep an eye on things ya know. Can't be too careful and if my skin gets sore I want to protect it. I looked in the mirror. My hair grew in nicely. I might be able to get away with no hat on Thanksgiving at my sisters' house if I use the curling brush and sweep it like my hairdresser Julie does. Lemme try it . . . I got a clump of hair in my fingers.

Just like they said. All at once. It's mostly going from the area of my surgery, but the rest of my head too. I tried it. No eyebrows slid out, but I didn't tug on those very hard. I wish I could have a nice smooth head. That's my only gripe about this. The incision will make me lumpy. Maybe a tattoo . . . nah. Bobby and I have a law against tattoos, even temporary ones.

I am however going to get my best friend one for Christmas. She is getting a blue penguin on her ankle with my Godson's initials on it. How cool is that? John would have loved a tattoo. I wonder what he would have gotten on his body? Where? At 15, the possibilities would have been amusing. I'll have to ask his Mom if he ever talked about it. We go shopping for the tattoo artist soon. Know a good one?

I'm feeling well - ignoring my need for a nap, eating well - need to drink more water, and walking a lot more if a bit awkwardly in this still adjusting body. Treatment itself is a snap. Scheduling this week has been weird. Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, the plan was go in Sunday through Wednesday and everybody off the four day weekend. Cool.

It's Wednesday and at 7AM they canceled my appointment.

My beloved 6EX Winkies are down with the flu or something and aren't expected to be up and about for the rest of the day. It may seem strange, but I want my radiation dammit. Those Winkies are marching those rads in and killing those totally useless tumor cells, thank you very much. Oh well. Five days off shouldn't impact the outcome of my therapy, right? Still, I just emailed my Nurse. I'll come in on the weekend again. If there are any more delays I'll have to go Christmas Eve.



Large Marge said...

Big head has a few leads on local shops. i'll send you and e-mail with the info asap!
I'm still planning mine for the big 40. maybe i'll include a sheep! :O)

tinkknitz said...

Oh thanks Marge! I'll get back to you soon.