Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Brace


I picked up my new leg brace and shoes last week. “Carbon Fiber” he says. “Lighter than your old brace” he says. “Any color you want” he says. “You can buy regular shoes, even tennis shoes” he says.

I told him Princess Pink.

Shoes! I gotta buy shoes. Lots of shoes! And socks. I haven’t worn socks for years. My old brace and boots are lined with sheepskin and socks wouldn’t slide so … no socks. I dreamed of gliding into a room and doing pirouettes. “See that graceful woman in her new shoes? Aren’t her socks lovely? OMG! She’s wearing a designer Princess Pink brace”.

~~~~~~~~~~~enter reality zone~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Old brace = 4.5 lbs
New brace = 4 lbs

Old footwear = delicious handmade custom leather boots in two shades of rich brown, laced up the side ankle high with deer antler buttons. Very cool.

New footwear = Black orthopedic oxfords. Not cool.

And while the pink is certainly Princess, the straps are NEON.

I haven’t checked yet, but they may glow in the dark



*Princess* and I are actually getting along better than I thought we would. I stand straighter, walk better, my feet don't hurt, etc. But when I take her off? Aaaauuuggghhhh! My muscles and tendons are going through a tortuous period of adjustment right now, as expected. My physical therapist is gleefully plotting new tortures as I type.

The basic clunky black shoes are because I'm just getting used to the brace and the new balancing act. Once that is second nature, I get to go back to Mr Very Nice Shoe Guy again for a look at something a little more stylish. yay. As for the socks, can't stand 'em. I have reeeeeeally huge calves and it's hard to find knee highs so I've got orthopedic white Dr Scholls socks that diabetics wear. They're adequate, comfortable and reasonable. I wear an anklet on one side and a knee high under the brace. I have no desire to knit custom socks however (never have understood the fascination). I've worn a brace for 17 years and for me, thick is necessary for protection against straps and nerve damage.

But I am walking better. Straighter. .5 lb lighter.

The neon is growing on me.