Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day 4 - A Basket of Goodies

Well now. It seems that Dorothy here has a new cast member. Remember her basket. In it she kept all the things she needed for her journey. A picture of Auntie Em to show Professor Marvel. A hankie to dry the lion's tears. The Tinman's oil can in case they needed it later (and they always did). So now I have a basket. And in mine is my newest best friend ~


Remember all that high-falootin' talk about not having any nausea? I've been taking a preventative strike against nausea with that drug until today. Today I didn't take it to see if I was going to be able to go with one less drug in my system as desired by me (and directed by my team) - and barfed in the bank. It's been a queasy day of nibbling and napping and medicine, but I think tomorrow will be back on track. I seem better if I'm nibbling. No wonder there are baskets of crackers, hard candy and mints all over the treatments areas at The John.

I'm sure I'll need more in my magic basket before this is over.

Until then, I just pray the nice people who invented Anzemet got all the lemon meringue pie they deserved.

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