Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 7 - A Bit of a Scare

Friday went swell. The routine is getting settled in and we are developing a ritual. I'm not nauseous thanks to my return to the Anzemet every morning and my appetite is normal. Puking ain't fun. Yup. All systems are go. But I've got to stop running on empty. I feel so good all the time I'm not resting like I swore I would. Then I run out of steam at times when I'd rather be doing something. Gotta get a handle on that.

Friday night proved it.

My therapy can cause bowel concerns and when I saw what looked like a bowl full of blood I had a panic attack. We called Hopkins, went to the hospital and all is well. It's just a pain is the ass (snort) and will be dealt with swiftly. Reality has reared it's ugly head though. I'm scared. The side effects of this are serious and I am paying a lot more attention to the guidelines now - before they become a necessity.

Prevention is the key, eh?

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