Saturday, March 14, 2015

Comments on The Bawdy Balladeers

My last post was 2010?  I am still here.  I am notified of a new comments, mostly on an older post "The Bawdy Balladeers".  If you left a comment on that post you might find a reply there. Every time, I promise myself to make a new post indicating that I am alive.  To quote Baymax from Big Hero 5, "I am not fast". 

As for me, see that selfie+1 up there?  That is us at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 2014, 7 years after diagnosis and treatment for brain cancer.  I say us because Life Is A Team Sport. I still go for a brain MRI every 4 months to visit my favorite tech Paul.  A week later Dr. Grossman shows me it is unchanged since treatment finished in 2008. Pretty nifty team.

We have been keeping busy.  In the last year we've been to (probably out of order):
  • Philadelphia for the Flower Show 2014 (and 2015)
  • Charlotte N.C. for NASCAR race
  • Drumstrong music festival
  • Atlanta Aquarium
  • Atlanta Botanical Gardens - amazing
  • Dream Cars exhibit and more at The High Museum in Atlanta - even more amazing
  • Atlanta Braves game
  • My favorite Mexican restaurant in all the world - Zocalo
  • Orioles vs. Yankees
  • The Big E - if you have to ask, look here
  • 12-14 car shows in various locations
  • and one day while just driving down the road, we had to turn around and go back because we both did a double take.  Across some train tracks and down a steep hill was the TV set for Sheriff Hood's home/Sugar's bar from Banshee (a sick, violent show we indulge in).  The girl on Sugar's porch said they are no longer filming in N.C., it was private property and wanted to charge us $5 to go in.  We were content with a few pictures.

I am still amazed when I get a blog comment, an email from a fan or am recognized as Bliss. That happened a few weeks ago. I had to sing Thing Be for a surgical tech during minor surgery on the back of my shoulder. What a hoot!  I haven't been to The Maryland Renaissance Festival for two years because it was just too dangerous last time.  Balancing my scooter on rough terrain has been increasingly difficult on three wheels.  Tipping over is for cows. I might live to eat mor chikin without rocks and mulch under my wheels.  I miss visiting, but every year there are fewer friends and more changes.  Better to have the good memories I think.

It might take a while, but I will still try to answer if anyone reads this drivel and clicks "post a comment" down at the bottom.  If not I'll be back in another 5 years to let the blogosphere know I am still here.