Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 8 - nirvana

I've signed up for a massage every week at a nearby spa and it's one of the better things I've done in my plan. I've ignored most of my pre-existing pain from the years of paralysis. My right side is weak and the left side must compensate. Both sides fight so I stay upright. Relieving that seemed to make sense in order to tackle other priorities for my body. I've been twice now and I tried a different therapist, hoping to find the right match eventually. She already had my history so I talked briefly about my desire to work on my right leg mostly, because aligning that seems to fix the shoulder too.

Did you ever sit in one of those Shiatsu chairs at the mall? She slid her arms under my back and in one minute I swear I felt better. There were other amazing things in store for me. While doing Swedish massage on my right leg I could feel some things I never felt before. On my upper back the myofascial work felt like she was going to push my shoulder blade right through to my chest. It should have been painful. I just breathed and as my sister says, just went to my happy place. Here's the weird thing. When she switched to the left side, I experienced pain with less pressure. The brain is a complex organ.

Today my right leg is about an inch less in circumference.

I kid you not. I noticed it right away the next day when I put on my brace. The leather strap around my calf slid in an inch more and I can slide my finger up and down all the way between the bar and my leg on the side. Even at the top. I'm so psyched. I'm walking upright and my balance is off so I have to be careful. Luckily I have an appointment for a new brace next week. If only insurance companies recognized the value of massage therapy for those who truly need it for medical conditions affecting the muscles.


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Nittany Knits said...

The Baltimore School of Massage gives half price massages and are always looking for those who have some medical needs so that the students can get practice. I highly recommend you call them and at least price them. (More money for yarn that way)