Friday, April 11, 2008

Oral Chemo

I'm so blessed to be taking Temodar by mouth once a day at night for just five days a month. Likewise the Anzemet for nausea works like a charm and I sleep like a hibernating bear in spite of the higher dose.

I have a young friend at PeaceandLove who isn't so lucky and is feeling very sick right now. She doesn't even have cancer but is taking some nasty treatment drugs for severe aplastic anemia. At twelve years old I think she's pretty brave and I admire her. I've been trying to think of the perfect gift for her but I'm so out of touch with what twelve year old girls like these days. I think I've got it but need to explore all the options it has . . . and check with her Mom.

Got my two month MRI last week. I got to ride in the Cadillac which has a large bore. Comfy! The results were way better than acceptable. Blah blah blah stable blah blah blah no midline shift blah blah no abnormal enhancement blah blah blah essentially stable. So . . . I'm good to go. And my Oncologist (grinning from his little ear to little ear) and I made a plan for decreasing the steroid once again after this round of Chemo. Steroid every other day. This should kick start my adrenal glands into working on their own again he says. Hey, I gotta go with the Hopkins guy - I pay him the big bucks. He says I'll fell lousy on the off days. We'll see.

I'm not your average cancer patient. :)

My body continues to maintain strength this week. Even balance is a bit better I think. Yaaaay PT. I haven't experienced the big Whump! of fatigue that last month's chemo hit me with. I think the further away from my radiation I am helps that part. Plus I have to eat right, drink fluids and get enough sleep. I work out most mornings and sometimes in the middle of the night I limber up a bit too. Weekends are when I become a slacker sometimes. Sleeping late has it's drawbacks when Bobby makes French Toast for breakfast occasionally and I just have skip exercise to go out and eat it while it's hot . . .

Did I say that was a drawback?

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