Saturday, April 26, 2008

Not So Good and Good News

Dad "popped a few rivets" as he said to me. He had a Sternal re-wiring with a plate and is back in ICU, still intubated for a bit to get some good rest. They have to find that fine line of keeping his lungs clear but prevent further complications. He'll be 80 this year and has some other health issues. Say a prayer okay?


So I'm washing my hair the other day and it feels weird. I made a discovery.

I am growing a new crop of hair.

Shhhhhhhh ! Don't scare them. And
they're curls ! Don't know how this will go, but it's cute as heck. Does this mean no more perms? Thing is, the old hairs are still straight. Will they continue to come in straight? This could be verrrrry innnnnteresting!

I got Bobby to get the camera and take some Macros.
The two "sparse" pictures are near my incision which is where the radiation was focused. As you look farther away from there, more new hair is mixed in hair that held on for dear life. There is only straight tiny stuff in one area which I think was clipped before surgery (they don't shave anymore). Dr Grossman said it may not come back very well there.


Have a look see - you have to blow them up to really appreciate their beaut

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brsmaryland said...

Hip hip hooray for curly regrowth!!