Monday, May 26, 2008

We went on VACATION in New England

We had a long awaited wonderful time and my stamina actually improved each day as I had to walk into restaurants, rest stops and more. My Physical Therapist will be so proud of me. We spent more time with each other than taking pictures, but here's a few to prove we were there.

First it was the Carlisle Import and Replicar Show in Pennsylvania. Some very cool cars there and I was thinking of my pal Sco :) Cooperstown wasn't far so we decided to head there on Day Two for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Geez. You woulda thunk we were in New York there was so much focus on The Hated Yankees. The actual "hall" where the inductee’s plaques were was rather unimpressive to me. Kinda plain and empty. It did however inspire a kind of hush over the visitors so I guess it was appropriate.

The next day we set up a home base in Seabrook, Mass and went to explore Plum Island. I got to use Bobby's birthday present (camera) to get some bird shots. I may have to keep his present. Turns out the elusive Plover was mating and nobody could access the beaches. I did get some nice pix of some kind of cute bird everyone else was snapping away at. When I looked it up at home though - not a Plover. I wonder how many other folks bothered to look it up?

At the suggestion of the young and clueless girl who drew my blood that day (yeeees, even on vacation I had to get THAT done) we had dinner at DiMillo's a retired ferry boat down at the waterfront. Nice ambiance for a restaurant, but I couldn't get just a stuffed tail - had to get the whole lobster and I didn't feel like messing with it. I opted for a Lobster Pie. Sounded like a Shepherd's Pie and I love those. The lump lobster was 90% claw (okaaaay, the menu said "lobster meat") and the "crumbs" on top were mush. I wouldn't order it again. I should have had the Lobster Roll - the guy behind Bobby had one and it looked lovely. Lesson learned: don't ask people who admit they don't know the area for a recommendation for dinner.

More on the rest of the trip later. The pizza just got here and Bobby says I gotta eat.

OH YEAH !!! Dad is home and doing just fine. Thanks to all for the prayers and concern.

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