Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year

I thought starting 2008 would be some how very profound for me. It isn't. We went to bed last night and Bobby reminded me it was New Year's Eve. It is? This morning we wished each other a bland Happy New Year and went about out daily routine.

That's what we do every year.

It's nice to be normal again.

Elsewhere on the home front, I'm getting more and more tired. Tired isn't really the right word. Fatigued is what they say in the medical literature, anywhere up to 3-6 months more. My body still feels every thing. All the sensations are still there(yaaaay!) but the weight gain from the steroids -
or other factors - seems to have thrown my balance off. My feet feel like lead and I have to walk veeeeewy cawefully (as Elmer Fudd would say). Leaving the house is precarious at times. I've been resisting those naps still. Getting my brace off during the day is a pain and I tore up a sheet the time I tried wearing it to bed. I'm "resting" I keep telling myself, but I do that all day really. Computer, TV, rarely knitting. My knitting is weird right now. The awkwardness is there too - heavy. I prop my right elbow up on a pillow but my hands still make the stitches a bit loose. I think I need to use one size needle smaller right now.

Last week I screwed up and got my bloodwork Wednesday instead of Monday. I'm supposed to call the nurse Wednesdays about it anyway and I have other errands to do that day. I goofed. They faxed the results to me and it was completely normal, my nurse didn't even call me about it. I guess I didn't commit such a bad sin after all. Then yesterday the labs closed early for New Years Eve not just New Year's Day mind you. So I gotta wait till Wednesday again :^P

My cognitive function is . . . interesting.

I feel I am thinking clearly although some multitasking is difficult late in the day. That's an old problem that hopefully will leave with the fatigue. Typing is a bear all the time though. My fingers don't cooperate with what goes on in my head. I think some of that is physical. But my sense for sentence structure and order seems a bit off to me. Sheesh. Proofreading is even a nightmare. Thank God for spell check too.

Do I sound like me?

I missed wishing a Happy Christmas to everyone. Mine was truly excellent this year.
  • I bought a lot online
  • Nothing was bought just to "get them something"
  • We wrapped as we bought, not at 4 in the morning Christmas Eve
  • As usual, presentation is everything - I love to decorate packages
  • I got Bobby two great gifts, knowing he would understand. He said "I have you."
  • I had a good long Christmasy talk with my sister in California via webcam
  • I spent time with my Dad on Christmas Day instead of New Years
  • We got to actually visit and converse with my local sister's family Christmas Day
  • I had the stamina and energy I needed Christmas Day
  • At our periodic extended family breakfast the Saturday before Christmas, I made sure to spend time with Aunts, Uncles and cousins.
  • Our only decorations were lights on our big spruce tree outside with lights until Bobby surprised me with the indoor one and hung one ornament(our favorite) Christmas Eve. I love him.
  • We went through two charity light drives this year The Winter Lights Festival in Seneca Creek State Park and our now traditional "Uncle Bobby's Starbucks hot chocolate" lights with my sister and her granddaughter, this year at Columbia's own Symphony of Lights.
  • And yes, I got presents. Thoughtful meaningful gifts. My husband especially filled my knitting world with abundance from several different local yarn shops and both sisters chimed in. It was the knowing what I am obsessed with these days that touched me most.

Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store.
Maybe Christmas... perhaps... means a little bit more!
The Narrator
How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss

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