Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why, oh why can't I?

How is it that a gigantic institution like The John can't consolidate their department billing? Take the general category of "Radiology". Inpatient doesn't speak to Outpatient who doesn't speak to Radiology Oncology who doesn't speak to Radiotherapy.

Or something like that.

Thank heavens for a friend's husband who gave me a clue a while back, and I have a wonderful nurse case manager at my insurance company who is dealing with this for me. I lined her up before my surgery after hearing about his woes and how a case manager helped him. She's working directly with the lovely lady in the financial/insurance department at Radiation Oncology to make it happen/get the approval.

I just waited for the phone to ring today.

For twenty seven years I did things like that every day without batting an eye because it was part of my job. Yes. I was aware that what I did was sometimes that one thing that made a difference to a patient that day. They say what goes around . . . comes around. Good things will happen for those two ladies.

My appointment is tomorrow.

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