Saturday, June 13, 2009

10 Years of Wedded Bliss

A few weeks ago he woke me up and said we’re going – in 9 hours. He covered every step, every hotel, every activity, and even had rain contingencies for twelve days. He hijacked our hotel email confirmation address by guessing my password hint so I wouldn’t get notified. He arranged cat coverage with my neighbor and sister (who patiently listened to me wistfully wonder why he didn’t seem up for a concert or at least a movie. Was he feeling run down? I’ve been wanting him to get a physical). He did all the laundry. He turned the GPS away from me so every day was a surprise.

After we left Maryland:

  • NHRA drag racing at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, TN - I couldn't figure out why signs said x-miles to Bristol. There's no NASCAR race that weekend in Bristol! But as we ate in FATZ (fried green tomatoes on stone ground grits mmmmm) he handed me tickets to the drag races. We saw all the big time drivers from TV up close in the pits. They don't hide like in NASCAR. Skipped the autographs, there were so many drivers I was content with great pictures. Very cool.
  • Roller Derby at the Shriners in Atlanta, GA – We laughed, we cheered, we had a ball. The funny names for the players and the teams were a scream. My fave team was the Apocalipstix, while the husband was all over the Sake Tuyas. What a hoot.
  • Tradin’ Paint in Marietta, GA – A wonderful play about an auto parts clerk with a crazy(as in mentally ill) NASCAR lovin’ boyfriend, who finds her true destiny. I loved the scene where she’s hit with debris and during brain surgery dreams of her race-fan gay black English professor, the father she blames for her poor self esteem, and the ghost of Dale Earnhardt.
  • Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida – The site of most of our original honeymoon. It rained the whole time. The Lion King show stopped abruptly after the first number due to a leak but we returned later and it was fantastic. It took three (count 'em three) tries before we saw Beauty and the Beast all the way through because of mist blowing onto the stage. Bobby scored more than me on the Toy Story ride and Expedition Everest still made me cry. Four times. Our car still smells like swamp water but it couldn’t kill our fun, fun, fun, fun . . . fun.
  • Lowes Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC – No, not for the rained out NASCAR race, though we could have stayed for Monday and easily bought resale tickets for a pittance. We went for the stuff at the circus in the parking lot and because the husband wanted to replace my favorite hat that went over the edge(gulp)at the Grand Canyon in March.
In between were days of driving with my Boo. Doing what we like to do. I got to knit - although I thoroughly messed up my project and had to switch to smaller things. But mostly we just enjoyed each-other’s company and the music we could find on the radio instead of CDs we brought from home. Or just talked.

My husband. He loves me.

It still amazes me.


Diana Troldahl said...

I sent a link to this to my husband. He recently got me addicted to NASCAR.
I saw my first race yesterday (The ARCA race in Michigan)
and this year is our 8th anniversary.. gives him plenty of planning time LOL

Ria said...

Oh, he is such a sweetie!! you are truly blessed!

Jean in Georgia said...

Wow! What a guy you've got there! So glad you had a wonderful trip. Happy tenth anniversary, and here's to 110 more! :)

Laura said...

Happy belated anniversary to both of you. I miss you and wish we could stop falling out of touch. What can I do to bring us back together? I'm so glad your physical therapy has been successful (and then some!)

So much to catch up on, but the most amazing thing I can tell you is that Alex is 19 and starts at HCC in the fall. Can I really have an almost 20 year old young man??? Wow.

Please call sometime...any time... let me know anything I can do for you. I miss our talks.

I'm on will be assimilated...

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME to hear, Bonnie! I totally LOVED the Bawdy Balladeers, I still have the tapes I bought from you somewhere... wish I'd gotten CDs...! What a wonderful 10-year anniversary surprise, too. Wishing you both every happiness for the decades to come.
-- ShantyWench