Monday, March 10, 2008


This month's increased dose of chemo for the first five days of the month hit me like a ton of bricks fatigue wise. I slept 11 hours one day. ELEVEN. Okay, I had potty breaks, but my body needed that much sleep. I could have stayed in bed all day. I had to drag myself out finally for fear of my blood sugar crashing and a headache. I keep some crackers and water in the bedroom, but Bonnie does not live by crackers alone.

The fatigue has slid my PT back several notches. No ambition whatsoever. No inspiration from my John for the last ten days or so. I guess he knows what he's doing and was leaving me to rest a bit. Oddly, a series of circumstances with my therapist gave me no PT appointments in March. Until today.

Today was . . . interesting.

I got out to the car and had a little trouble getting my braced foot into the car but managed finally. Bobby's been doing all the driving, so I'm just tired and out of practice - right? So I get to therapy and get stuck half-way out of the car. I was too weak to drag my bloody right foot out of the car. I couldn't even reach behind me to pick it up by the steel and leather circle at the top because my leg was twisted. Luckily I had my purse in my hand (something I NEVER do) and called them inside. My therapist came out and picked up the brace for me and I landed outside without incident. Really, it was scary but went smoothly.


She and I tried the in and out of the car again and worked on a few possible solutions. Naturally we worried about me getting home and getting stuck again. I stayed 2 hours until Bobby got off work and could "spot me" getting out at home. We figured it out and will practice again tomorrow. I just need to put my left foot a little further out than I used to. I was stronger after PT too. Amazing how far a little inspiration from my favorite therapist went today. I conjured up Mr. John's face a few times too.

I'm back in the groove.

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