Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Bawdy Balladeers

Once upon a time I was part of a successful A Capella group called The Bawdy Balladeers. We had two recordings. I cried when I saw this on ebay. The link will only be good for two more days so I'll summarize. My best work is currently worth $4.25.

Divided by three musicians.


Sorry I've not written.

My sinuses are better. I really do just have a normal post nasal drip now. Yaaaay! Now Bobby is fighting the same thing it appears. I must say he whines a lot less than I do, and he did go to the doctor after seeing what I went through. Giving it back to me would not have been optimal either.

Physical Therapy is coming along very well. It seems each day is showing improvement now. My therapist is giving me new and more challenging things to do. Monday I walked 5 minutes on a treadmill which just freaked me out. Wednesday it was 6 minutes. Friday? 7.5. Okay I was pushing it but I felt like Rocky Balboa going up the steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. One day I'll get there. Yesterday I was kicking a ball and changing feet like Pele'. Okay, not quite that good, but I had my back to a corner so I felt safe and by gum, I was kicking that ball. I also played goalie. I was reaching to catch the ball as she threw it at different sides or speeds, and sometimes bounced it. It was tough at first because of the combination of eye-hand
coordination and my problems with balance. After a bit though, I was changing the speed and angles back to her. We actually had fun. And I'm getting better.

Go figure.

In other news, I had a great checkup with my Oncologist. Here's the highlights:
  • He loved my MRI, I have a copy of the CD. Wonder what it would bring on ebay?
  • I stop the weekly bloodwork and go to monthly (yeah!)
  • I can stop Protonix which was protecting my stomach while I was on the steroids.
  • I can get the hair on my chinny chin chin waxed. Finally! I've always had some facial hair on my neck. Because of the chance of infection, I wasn't to pluck or wax them for the duration. These weeds have been growing for nine months although I did cheat when a few got hideously long. I still have a bump where one of those was that scared me into stopping. Well . . . my counts are better and I can space my labwork so I asked. He looked me right in the eyes and said "Yes". He probably thought I was a lunatic. The nurses probably field those questions but I had it in my book so I wouldn't forget to ask.
  • No more Radiation or Chemo. So I asked him. Did the treatment kill the rest of the tumor?
Not necessarily.

See, without another surgery to biopsy tissue, my doctors cannot determine what's in there. You don't have a craniotomy just for kicks to find out you don't have cancer anymore.
Even if it were standard protocol, I'm not willing to pop the top again to find that out. They certainly aren't going to make guesses or give me some numbers out of the blue. And there's no blood test for brain cancer. But remember, given the genetic markers my tumor had I am expected to do extremely well.

So I guess y'all are going to have to put up with me for . . . a while longer :-)


Michele/Columbina/Stupina said...

You do realize, it actually sold for $31.75...and would have gone higher. There were a few people, some I know, really fighting for it.

Kevin B said...

I would have paid double. ;-) I still have a kiss-atte tape I think!! I went on YouTube and found another group singing "Roll your Leg Over".... Not the same. ugh! Found this site, too - I worked at MD Renn Fest around 1991-96 with the Smith's backstage... mostly security. hugs and keep strong!!

Bill said...

I'm sitting here listening to For Your Pleasure; an album that amuses and lightens my day whenever I listen to it, which I still do on a regular basis after 10+ years.

I took it into my head to google the Bawdy Balladeers while I was listening - and was very shocked and sad to hear about the health issues you've been coping with, though very heartened at the spirit you show as you write about it.

As I recall, I was one of the select folks who helped you retrieve a grape or cherry (which was it?) that got stuck in your bodice; an embarrassing but funny memory after these years.

I wish you could put both For Your Pleasure and your other album - which I know virtually nothing about - on iTunes. Seems like you all could generate some residual income from that without going through the publishing hoops.

Anyway, my best to you and many thanks for the entertainment you provided on several occasions in person, and for the hours and hours of entertainment since then.

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Bill. It was a grape. amazing how many got stuck there over the years ;-)

Somebody got the cherry long ago . . .

Anonymous said...

there was another CD on Ebay recently. It sold for 82 bucks.

Cullan O said...

I can't figure out how to get a signon on here, so I'll just watch and keep updated.

I was a performer at the MDRF for years - apparently right after the lovely ladies stopped performing. I didn't discover the Balladeers until moving to Seattle and getting a hold of a bootlegged cassette from another bard. I absolutely love these women, and would kill for the rest of thier music.

You do know that your popularity reaches across the country *because* of bootlegging, right? And if you weren't being so uptight about copyright filks, and instead welcomed the fact that your music is *so loved* that others perform it, you may actually make money, again, off of the brilliant vocal and lyrical arrangements you helped produce?

Seriously. You guys were some dirty ditty singers at a no-name renaissance festival. How else do you think you got so popular but by the one thing that you scream and fight against. I can find *one* version of Demeter's Daughter off of Youtube to share to other individuals to blast my praises of such a talented group. I cannot find anything by the original group...can't even find the information ABOUT you guys.

Why do you think people spend 80...100...200 dollars on a CD that you guys sold out of a trunk for $10 a pop, except the fact that they heard you guys bootlegged somewhere and *want to buy your music*

I'm a musician myself. I've had plenty of my work taken and redone by many others. But do I care? No. Because, as an artist, I can watch things grow. I Perform because people enjoy it...seeing other people perform my work gives the same pleasure - because music is made to be enjoyed.

Please reconsider your insistence upon quashing every attempt to enjoy your music. And please reconsider releasing new works.

Bonnie said...

Cullen O,

You never saw us perform. I am grateful for that because you are a rude person.

Cullan O said...

Of course, I'm rude for waxing poetically on how awesome you and the women you played with are.

Its Cullan* by the way.

Retired to Alabama said...

Was just unpacking old stuff from my move from Maryland and found a business card for The Bawdy Balladeers. I had seen your performance at the MD RF and loved it!! Wanted to hire you for my retirement party, but I must have worked too long as I was not able to locate you in December of 1998. I too would love the opportunity to buy a CD so if they are available somewhere,Please post the info. Cheers Hugh

Bonnie said...

Dearest Retired,

How sweet of you to think of us after all these years. That business card is an antique and might fetch a pretty penny on ebay. They were printed around 1988-89. That graphic is an imprint of my lips. I had to kiss a lot of card stock to get it right...
Alas, neither our CD's nor we can be had anymore. I am so sorry we missed your party. I am sure it would have been grand to raise a toast and our voices to you.

Let us drink and be merry, all out of one glass.

Dino said...

I saw yall in the early 90's at the MDRF and purchased a tape. It wore out long ago and I would love to find a cd copy. I've lost bids on the few I've seen on ebay, darn snipers. I would love to purchase either a re-release or a "best of" cd.

Best Wishes

Bonnie said...

Hello Dino!

It is always a pleasure to hear from people who enjoyed our performances and listened to the recordings at home or in their cars until our voices gave out... I'm happy you had a chance to listen to us later, and maybe learn some of the songs. It is a shame your cassette went the way of most of the rest, I think most of us have a box of tapes around that are inaudible due to rewinding and exposure. I have music from fellow performers that I will never hear again so I can sympathize :-(

The Bawdy Balladeers sold the last cassettes and CDs over 15 years ago. There are no remaining copies to sell.

Thank you for being such a loyal fan, Dino. News of your worn out Cassette feels like a standing ovation.

Raising a glass...Bonnie/Bliss Goodbody

Bill Bruck said...

I copied my CD to my hard drive YEARS ago and religiously listen to la-di-da at least once a week.

I wish there were a way that these digital recordings could be made available for sale - you all wouldn't become rich, but you might be able to go out to dinner once a month (or once a year) - who knows.

I guess there's no way to put them in the iTunes store where you all would get $$ when people buy them digitally?

Bethany said...

Just wanted you to know - THE BAWDY BALLADEERS was an inspiration to me and my friends. We started our own highschoool accappella group inspired by your work. You totally rock! I still have For Your Pleasure and share with my friends.

Bonnie said...

Bill Bruck ~ I am glad you are still enjoying the usual ladidadidadidum. There is no need for you to download from another source. Saving it to your computer is fine. You may make a legal copy for yourself if you have the original CD. No problem!

Bethany ~ I am thrilled to hear you started your own a capella group. Recent television and movie exposure has made the music form more popular and it's good to hear that some of our bawdy tunes may inspire you. My hope would be that you listen to us and create your own arrangements, new harmonies, even write your own verses. If you need help try a can of Pringles and a package of Grasshopper Mint Fudge cookies. It always worked for us :-)

Thom Link said...

OMG. Miss Bliss. Just this week I ripped 4urPlezur to my android in prep for this year's RennFest. You, Kiss, & Scarlot were my first...

-mead drinking utilikilt wearing leprechaun

Laura Lingle said...

Oh - just my semi-regular attempt at waving frantically in your direction, hoping you know I'm thinking about you often and hope you are well. Oh - and I found and sold my tapes. Roll Your Leg Over went for 101, For Your Pleasure went for 50, Ebay took 10% and I donated the rest to ALS research (instead of dousing myself with ice water).

And PS to Cullan - it's nice that you like the music. It's not nice that you seem to feel entitled to having it. We chose to stop reproducing and distributing. We, the musicians who took our own money to record, produce and distribute the recordings. You want a copy? Find someone willing to sell it to you. Both of my tapes were on Ebay. You could have purchased something LEGALLY.

Bonnie said...

Dear Thom,

Ahhh...the utilikilt guy. Somehow I am having visions of you, ripped 4ourPlezur 8-) Thanks for stopping by on your way to Faire and your support through the years. Now stumble off into the grass...

With blue ribbon in hand,

Bonnie said...

Hi Laura,
I have a monthly BB Google search so I saw those ebay results. Nice of you to donate the proceeds.

Laura Lingle said...

Okay... Thanks?
We're living with mom... at the same address where you and I first met, same number, same just about everything. I'd like to know how you are... which is why I constantly look out for posts from you... I also responded to your other message addressed to me.

Kimberly Price said...

It was so wonderful to finally find your posts. I was one of the many, fans who flocked to the MDRF for the few years you and the other BBs graced us with your lovely voices. I was heartbroken when one year you weren't there, I thought, maybe it's a typo and someone forgot they usually play the small stage at the entrance, and later at a pub.

A few years later a friend of mine got a summer job with MDRF and told me you'd taken ill. Then here I read it was cancer, or maybe not? I got a little confused. In any case, you certainly have had to deal with debilitating health issues, and for that I'm sorry, and hope you're progressing.

I hope this note finds your spirits raised. Winter is technically over, and they think last week's snow may be the last for this season. Though I love snow, I'm ready to see the new green that spring brings to the woods in my back yard.

Like many others, I keep an original For Your Pleasure cd in my rotation of listening; happy I was smart enough to purchase one when I had the chance.

Thank you for sharing yourself with those of us who remember you fondly, not just for your voice, but for your incredible personality, and I don't mean your "cups". You're a beautiful person inside and that counts for more.

Best wishes,

Bonnie said...

Thank You Kimberly,

Gee, you even remember our stage schedule. That's nearly 20 years ago. My sister says when she hears our music, she sees us on the stage. I always hope she isn't driving distracted...wouldn't want her to start rolling something over besides her leg.

The front stage was Gatehouse and the pub was most likely The White Hart or possibly The Red Barrel. I am glad you remember it so clearly. White Hart will always be my heart, although it is mic'd now and singers and actors no longer need to project. That makes me sad. The few times Bliss had to use a microphone, including our recordings, it was difficult(torture) for me to abandon the physical nature of my character. But I digress.

I wonder how many people listen to our old stuff, Google a song or or our name, and keep on going without commenting? Thank you for stopping by for a while. I enjoy knowing we still are making people laugh and perhaps sing along. Hang on to that CD, you can see in the comments above they have increased in value, who knew?

You are wrong you know, Winter is not over until March 20. It was my Mother's birthday and she always brought the Spring :- }

Lifting one last tankard, well hopefully not the last...

P.S Don't fret too much about my health. This is my old brain cancer blog, I truly need to update it if only to say I am alive!

Justin Dull said...

I love your music, I wish I could find my old tape. Do you have the lyrics posted anywhere on line?