Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Friday! (yesterday)

Bobby came home with these and my favorite Venti Mocha from Starbucks yesterday. What a way to brighten the perfectly grey and ordinary day I was having. He bounced in grinning "Happy Friday" and presented me with gifts of flowers and a knitting book. The coffee soon followed. I was overwhelmed. My Boo has an uncanny knack for timing. Earlier I had to cancel Physical Therapy due to some patchy ice still on our sidewalk and the cleaning lady that was supposed to start canceled too. My day was left boring and unproductive. Until he bounced in all sunshiny and loving me.

Life is good.

Sometimes I have to remember that here at this blog. All is not doom and gloom for me 'ya know and I need to let you guys knot that in spite of the veeery slow progress on the physical front - I'm still happy and having fun. My life really doesn't revolve just around this cancer thing. I can't balance, stand or walk
right now, but that's about it. (Okay, a bit of an exaggeration) But gimme my scooter and I'm off full of piss and vinegar. When Bobby can get me there - I'm a speed demon. When I can load and unload her myself again, look out. Thursday and Friday were great days of knitting with friends for instance. You can click here to read about it on my knitting blog "tinkknitz" if you like.

Prepare for another Happy Friday announcement though.

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